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Sir Francis Crick

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--William James

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Clemson's Stormy Weather Outlook

Miles and I went to the Clemson game yesterday with tickets I got from a good friend from Sumter who couldn't use them. We had very good seats on the opponent side lower deck. We rode to Clemson with our friends (and Clemson grads) Steve and Amanda Somers (Freedom Fellowship friends). We also had the chance to use Mark Thornton's parking space too. Mark started for Clemson as center back in the 70's and has a great parking spot right outside the stadium. That was the best thing yesterday as we had 2 weather delays due to lightning in the area. That was the first time ever I have been to a Clemson game delayed by weather. We got some rain; but, we never heard thunder or saw the flashes. We had to leave our seats and during the first 50 minute delay, Miles and I went back to the car for a break. With the 2nd delay, all 4 of us meet up and decided we were done for the day. The Tigers were up 19-7 in the 4th by that point. It was fun to take Miles to a Clemson game and I ran into an old Clemson buddy, Pete Kennedy. He was with his wife and parents. I haven't seen Pete since graduation. He's living up in Asheville. Of course, we are friends on Facebook now!

That was the good part of the day yesterday; but, I was more than frustrated by Clemson's lack of offense plans. We got a record 6 field goals from Greer (Riverside) kicker Jackson-that tied a single game record and 1 punt return for TD by C.J Spiller. Other than that, the Clemson defense carried the game. BC's only TD was due to the offense giving up a fumble on the 8 yard line in the 4th quarter, yes, it was raining hard then too. Nonetheless, our offense needs to get it together. We have tons of talent and speed, we just need someone to drive this fast car! Texas Christian will be a different animal next week. I hope we wake up in time!

Lots of rain here this weekend and we are looking at rain all week according to the weather report. We have a rescheduled neighborhood party on Friday and I am going out on Saturday morning in the kayak with another friend from church, Dave Faucette. Looking forward to getting out on Lake Robinson this time. Miles has an open house at the middle school tomorrow. Should be a fun week.

Checkout some pictures from the game yesterday and my video of the hill run. Go Tigers!

See ya!
(The Hill Run, I added a soundtrack so it wouldn't be a bunch of screaming and yelling)

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